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The CONDOR scaffolding has become a temporary construction, which has become one of the important milestones on the construction site. They serve to accommodate workers or materials when performing installation, construction and other work at all heights and complexities of projects. They are always used both outside and inside of possible buildings. This is through the extensive Condor scaffolding system.

Scaffolding & mdash; construction, which is assembled from such elements as: frames, diagonal ties, horizontal joints, support brackets, floor crossbars, brackets, anchor bolts (anchor pipe plus clamp). The lower row of frames rests on the support brackets (screw supports). Frame the frames with horizontal and diagonal links.

Modern CONDOR scaffolds exist as a spatial frame system. It is made of high quality metal standard elements. High and value for money is always a top priority of CONDOR scaffolding.

In addition, important construction criteria such as safety, speed of assembly and modularity are highlighted.

Also one of the priority CONDOR safety points at this stage of development was metal flooring. It is not only used for passing, but also for withstanding high loads.

MULTICOM scaffolding has become one of the most versatile systems in our time. Thanks to them, you can handle any difficulties that you have set yourself.

The whole system has a GOST quality mark. CONDOR certainly provides a long-term warranty. In this case, you save not only your finances but also your time spent searching for quality material.


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