Decking for scaffolding

The flooring is made of galvanized sheet rolled iron, the high quality of which provides stability and durability. Anti-slip coating allows you to work on scaffolding in complete safety. Because it is manufactured on fully automated equipment, it does not require maintenance.
From the point of view of increased functionality, it is made with both right and left mounts for interchange with already installed flooring panels.

Sirio Metal Plank

The VEGA model is welded and riveted

MINISTRY PERMIT 20426 / OM dated 31/5/2002
(Weight: yesN 14.20)
Dimensions: m 1.80 x 0.50
Cutting profile: CLOSED
There is a convenient mechanism that blocks from removal
Packing: 50 pcs. (46 pieces in box only for 1800 mm model)

Metal panel with hatch

The hole in the center of the panel allows, through a special ladder, passage to the top or bottom in complete safety, avoiding dangerous movements in empty spaces. Massive and easy to handle, it is made of galvanized sheet iron.
Hatch weight: yes 22.00
Packing: 10 pcs.

Lower bar

Made entirely of galvanized sheet iron. Its ease of installation becomes the key to completing a safe working platform.
Weight of the front lower bar: 4.20 daN
The weight of the side lower bar: 3.10 daN
Packing: 25 pcs.

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