Vertical formwork light

Modern systems for construction

Vertical formwork LITE is designed for concreting walls, columns, retaining walls and generally for vertical concreting. For this category of wall formwork it is characterized by modularity, flexibility in operation, technical indicators and processing.
The main advantage of LITE vertical formwork is its weight. Due to the ease of shields and all associated elements, this series is designed for manual installation without the use of a crane, which in turn significantly reduces the cost of construction.


What are the advantages of vertical formwork light?

LITE formwork can accommodate such structures as curbs 20 cm high, such as elevator shafts 4.5 m high.
Great for pouring cottage foundations due to ease of installation and versatility.
Regarding modularity, all universal panels have horizontal elements with an opening every 5 cm.
Universal columns 90 mm wide, have openings every 5 cm and are used for concreting columns, starting elements, corners, T-corners and closing the formwork.
Also, the versatility of the panels allows you to mount columns from 10x10cm to 75x75cm in 5 cm increments.



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