Ceiling formwork - 20 Flex System

The 20 Flex system for concreting overlays includes only CEP or ALU CP racks, unilevers and GPH20 main and secondary beams. On racks are mounted unilvki, and on them main beams GPH20. Depending on the thickness of the overlap, the number of reinforcing bars must be such that it does not exceed the maximum permissible deflection value equal to 1/500 of the entire length.


-Economy - Free circuit - Easy to install - Few elements - Wide bottom spans

Depending on the weight of the floor and the height of the floor space, you can choose from 3 types of CEP racks: CEP10, CEP20, CEP30. For even more loading, you can use CONDOR Alu CP aluminum racks: CP260, CP350, CP480, CP600


The table for laying of beams of overlapping


1. Table for laying beams of overlapping


2. Fragment fragment for GPH20 beams
3. System of laying of beams of overlapping


4. GPH20 beams
5. CEP rack
6. the destroyer
7. Tripod

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