Formwork for overlays of the rack ALU CP

Aluminum struts are available in 4 variants: CP 260, 350, 480, 600 with extension from 1.80 to 6.00 m. They are easy to use thanks to the cap nut and hook that prevents pulling. The special type of cutting makes it easy to clean them, thus preventing jamming problems despite the dried cement crust.


Height adjustment is made by means of a special cap nut, which is easy to unscrew and does not require the use of a hammer. For proper storage, flooring racks should be stored in a cool, dry place. They can in no case be exposed to excess heat and kept away from fire, flames and other heat sources. They must be stored and carried on special stretcher racks to avoid shocks that could damage them. Loading and unloading should be done very carefully. The elements must be carefully stored and repaired only by skilled workers. Always check for deformation, cracks, dents and corrosion of the elements, normal operation of all elements.
Installation, modification, and dismantling of flooring racks should be carried out by skilled workers.

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