Ceiling formwork Eco system

ECO System is an accelerated formwork concrete formwork system consisting of a falling TDA head, racks EN1065 or ALU CP and GPH20 beams. A drop head is mounted on the racks into which the GPH20 main beams are inserted. The TDA head is designed to maximize the strength of both the posts and the wooden beams. Depending on the thickness of the overlap, the number of reinforcing bars must be such that it does not exceed the maximum permissible deflection value equal to 1/500 of the entire length.
- Ability to accelerate the release
- Free scheme
- Easy to operate
- Easy to install
- Few elements
- Wide lower spans
- Only one size for main and secondary beams (2.65 m) is used


8. Fragment: formwork-parting
9. Fragment: Drop head with GPH20 beams
10. GPH20 beams


11. Main elements: A - TDA drop heads // B - rack // C - tripods
12. Completed laying of beams of overlapping: A - overlapping; // B - flooring; // C - minor beams; // D - main beams; // E - falling head; // F - racks; // G - tripods
14. The first stage of dismantling: lower the falling heads
16.Next stages of dismantling: remove the secondary beams, then the main ones. Leave counters with falling heads and decking and move on to the next stage using the same removed head and minor beams.


13. Main and minor beams
15. Finished installation with flooring and fence with lock

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