Vertical formwork

Modern systems for construction

In today's world there must be modern systems for construction. In this case, your ideal choice is the technological innovation of wall formwork! The cost effectiveness of this formwork helps to build high-rise buildings and small buildings (cottages and others).
The main idea of ​​formwork is to give concrete a concrete form for the minimum term with the minimum expenditure of money. And a great advantage - it is immediately used on the construction site.
Formwork in modern construction is an auxiliary structure for reinforced concrete, concrete or other mortars of certain parameters. Formwork designs make it versatile and easy to use. Among them: columns, pylons, walls (with small and large areas), foundations, elevator shafts, stairs and others. The load-bearing elements of the formwork vary from 90 kN / m2. up to 120 kN / m2 The height of the structures can be up to 9 m.

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What are the benefits of vertical formwork?

The minimum number of formwork components makes it possible to increase the speed and ease of installation of the formwork that takes place at the construction site. From here we make the important conclusion that by applying the formwork of a heavy series, you will significantly shorten the construction time. After curing the mortar, the formwork is very easy to remove due to the prior application of the formwork oil. It is applied to shields.
Modern formwork systems, after dismantling, provide not only perfect smoothness for concrete, but also perfect shape. Formwork you realize your any construction projects of any complexity. And all this is due to the many cycles in use and its great versatility.


The main criteria for builders in the choice of formwork:

Quality and price should not be inferior to one another. In this case, you optimally, economically use your funds, without forgetting the quality of work. Pay attention to the formwork wear (how much it can withstand concrete pouring). Is it universal formwork? (Can I combine structural elements for horizontal, vertical or decorative structures).


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