Overlapping formwork MC support structure

The MC support structures are extremely flexible in operation and can be used for concreting overlaps of bridges and viaducts and in general for concreting horizontal surfaces. The ease of operation and installation make it possible to create various geometric structures for concreting slabs of considerable thickness. The supporting structures MC have a vertical and horizontal modularity of 50 cm, and, taking into account planimetric arrangement, variable load capacity from 30 to 50 kN per vertical stand. Alignment is carried out with the help of supports and branched heads.

17. Фрагмент кріпильний елемент головка-вишка — фіксація головних балок

17. Fragment: head-tower fastener - fixation of main beams

18. Будівельний майданчик Понтеромоло — Фрозіноне

18. Construction site Ponteromolo - Frosinone

19. Схема перекриття, виготовленого за допомогою опорної конструкції MC

19. Scheme of overlapping made using the supporting structure MC

20. Фрагмент - елемент кріплення підстави вишки

20. Fragment - an element of fastening of the base of a tower

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