Concrete warming transformers

Modern systems for construction

Some may disagree, but monolithic work can be done year-round, even in winter at temperatures below 0 ° C. For this purpose our company can offer you transformers of heating of concrete of different power, from 20kVA to 80kVA.
At monolithic works in the cold season it is simply a necessary solution. In turn, you keep the construction time of the highest standard and quality. Concrete warming-up transformers are simple in design and easy to operate.
We provide advice and technical documentation for easy use of transformers. Due to the different capacities of the transformers, it is possible to heat the concrete to 100 ° C.


What are the benefits of concrete warm-up transformers?

The use of transformers is required already at a temperature equal to or below 4 ° C. Modern methods of construction use several methods of warming up concrete, but the most economical method is considered warming transformers.
The calculation of the warming is as follows: 4kVa capacity is enough to heat 1m3 of concrete mix. Accordingly, a transformer with a capacity of 80kVA can be heated simultaneously 20m3 of concrete.



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