Ecotop overlay formwork

ECOTOP is a horizontal formwork system for reinforced concrete floors with solid slabs up to 80 cm thick. The elements of the system are made of high strength aluminum, which means that they are very light in weight, which increases the speed of installation.
The system consists of beams, frame shields of aluminum, falling heads and overlays. Thanks to the falling head, in a short period of time, it can be opened and the boards and beams removed, depending on the thickness of the floor and the resistance of the concrete pressure.
Supports with falling heads and linings remain in place until the maturity and resistance of the concrete allows the next stage of the construction cycle. Beams and shields can be reused after decoupling to reduce the number of components used. None of the components weighs more than 15 kg, which facilitates the installation phase


In the standard version, the stand covers 3.45 sq.m. The falling head has a quick-release device with a safety mechanism, it attaches to the rack without screws or pins and easily unlocks when the latch is unlocked.
The falling head allows simple accelerated decoupling, after which frame elements and beams are removed. Headrests and overlays remain in place, and support heads can be removed and used in the next step.


1. standard TD4V formwork / decking head
2. beam TPA
3. shield
4. overlay

Types of falling heads


In the case of enclosures around the columns aluminum compensation bars are used. Wood & aluminum bars can be used at the same time. It is necessary to leave a gap of 27 mm above the beams in order to install the cladding panel 27 mm later. In any case, the minimum distance must be observed


5. The first flight
6. Transverse flight
7. longitudinal flight
8. Standard flight
Removing shields and inserting compensating elements around columns

A For residual segments from 0 to 12 cm, curse nails compensating wood & rsquo; bar to boards before commissioning B For residual segments up to 24 cm:
1. Fastening of the CLA head-bar and the direct-compensating CLA bar
2. Mounting head beam GPH20 and beam GPH20. The frame formwork must be dismantled only after the concrete has become sufficiently mature, in accordance with the instructions of the Legislative Decrees.


10. The final segments are 0-12 cm
11. The final segments 12-24 cm
12. The final segments are more than 24 cm
13 - 14 - 15. Installation of Ecotop Ceiling - Serre Construction Site

It is possible to store components on stretchers


16 — 17 — 18. The TD4V head allows you to change the direction of the TPA beams to create consoles on the outer bridges and / or optimize the equipment.
19 — 20 — 21.
Ecotop Installation & mdash; Serre Construction Site

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