Ceiling formwork

First of all, the ease, reliability and durability of the monolithic construction!

Formwork for overlays of the rack ALU CP

CEP30 rack formwork

CEP20 rack formwork

Ceiling formwork CEP10 Racks

Ecotop overlay formwork

Formwork The basic design of the MS

Ceiling formwork Eco system

Ceiling formwork - 20 Flex System

Modern experts in formwork for floors and construction are primarily interested in the ease, reliability and durability of a monolithic structure, its ability to be operated for a long time. Hence, at this stage of development, we, as manufacturers of one of the best formwork systems, are trying to bring our products as close as possible to these requirements.
The formwork for CONDOR overlays is used in the implementation of both vertical and horizontal structures. You can use it to cover any height and thickness. However, not forgetting the importance of adhering to the rules under which quality should not be inferior to the price.
We guarantee the quality of our formwork, but we & rsquo; t remember that in order to cooperate closely with the consumer, we need to minimize its costs. The CONDOR formwork is manufactured with high precision and can be easily and quickly assembled according to the design. With many of our flooring systems, we give you the ability to get started easily.
Take, for example, traditional systems on telescopic galvanized posts. They give you the unique ability to use both annihilation and a falling head, which makes it possible to dismantle the overlapping system much faster.
Another important plus is that it significantly reduces the amount of material required for construction. It ends with a paneling system made entirely of aluminum for flooring, where you no longer need either wood & rsquo; s beam or even plywood.
In addition, Condor can offer you a MULTICOM, TAF or TC80 overlay system. Due to its versatility, in the future, it can be safely used as Scaffolding. CONDOR overlapping formwork has such major qualities in modern construction as: lightness, modularity and high quality of processing.


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