Secure Risk Free Scaffolding

Risk Free - frame scaffolding, the main feature of which is that workers responsible for scaffolding assembly / dismantling operate safely, without the need for fall-arresting devices. The frame is easy to assemble, and the side and front frames, which have connecting hooks at both ends, facilitate assembly.

Risk Free scaffolding is mounted with structural decking on all working tiers or without decking using horizontal diagonal ties and inner crossbar. On Risk Free scaffolding, it is possible to use Sirio galvanized metal flooring that can withstand loads of 600 daN / sqm.


105×75 — 105×100 — 105×105 — 105×150 — 105×180 — 105×200 — 105×250

Safe scaffolding:
- Legal provisions: Legislative Decree No. 81 of 09/04/2008
- European regulations: EN 12810 part 1-2 EN 12811 part 1-2-3

1. Napoli - Housing - scaffolding Risk Free

Safe installation

2. installation of frames

3. the first diagonal

4. the second diagonal

5. front frame

6. Side frame

7. Side frame

8. Lower bar

9. Flooring

10. Installation of the second tier - the first frame

11. Installation of frames

12. Front frame

13. Side frame

14. Side frame

15. Bottom bar

16. Flooring

17. Installation complete

Features Risk Free


There are two options:
• Pre-positioning the fence from below
• Traditional face frame with horizontal and diagonal connections


Installation without personal protective equipment that prevents from falling (the scaffolding is already protected by fences

Safe and easy installation guarantees high speed of operation

The geometric structure of the triangular enclosure allows you to insert it directly into the frame, which helps to optimize the volume.

According to European standards, steps in m: 0.75 / 1.05 / 1.50 / 1.80 / 2.00 / 2.50


Rotary lock with patented self-locking mount makes it easy to place and lift the fence to insert it into the structure.

18. Installation of fencing

19. Installation of flooring

20. Risk Free installation complete

21. Fragment of fastening of the front frame

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