Spatial scaffolding Multicom

All elements of the Multicom system can be of different lengths and sizes to allow mounting of scaffolding for any type of construction. The flexibility of using a central assembly allows even semicircular scaffold structures to be met to meet the diverse requirements of a construction site.

After mounting, after the supports, the starting elements are mounted, and the fastening of the crossbars and diagonals ends with the installation of the first tier at ground level, which makes it easy to check the horizontal direction of the scaffolding.

1. Facade scaffolding MC - Carignano Palace - Turin

The system allows the placement of working tiers 50 cm in height rather than every 2 meters, as in the case of prefabricated frame scaffolding, which allows adjusting inter-storey distances. The latter characteristic is especially important in shipbuilding and in industry. This is why MULTICOM is the best solution for both new buildings and renovations.

With the MULTICOM system , you can create facade scaffolds of any type: round towers or concrete towers for floors, public stairs up to 60 m high, roofs with openings up to 30 m, walkways, public and stairs for emergency exits, scenes and spectator stands for sports and public events, other than special works. Modular scaffolding guarantees a high degree of protection for workers.

Buy Advanced Accident Prevention Equipment & mdash; means to continue to use them in full safety in the future. Scaffolding & nbsp; MULTICOM approved and certified according to Italian and European regulations. The most rigorous testing and quality control from the very beginning of the production process guarantee the quality and durability of the materials.

Modularity grid


Multicom scaffolds feature a fastening system that allows you to quickly and securely connect vertical (racks), horizontal (crossbars and crossbars) and / or diagonal ties.

Fast fastening is carried out with the help of three elements:
- Disc with holes (flange);
- Extreme fastening (cross, horizontal and diagonal connections)
- Bagnet (wedge).
The extreme attachment is inserted into the disc with holes (Fig. 2), then the wedge that enters the hole of the disc and is deposited by the hammer blow (Fig. 3).

Due to the special shape of the extreme fastenings, the hammer strikes the wedge enough to obtain a reliable connection that is comparable to the locking connection (Fig. 4).
The rivet at the end of the wedge ensures that it does not fall out of the extreme attachment. The connection, using a locking device (extreme attachment - disc with holes - wedge), accurately forms an angle of 90 ° with respect to the horizontal surface.

2 - 3 - 4. Fasteners: Extreme fasteners - Disc with holes


The flooring is made of cold rolled galvanized sheet metal panels, the production of which is fully automated. The metal panels are provided with anti-slip coating, allowing you to work in complete safety. They have tiered hooks for joining on the same crossbar and / or crossbar.
The special shape of these hooks guarantees the stability of the panel at loads on the structure. All panels are provided with a built-in wind-based base, with a width of 30.6 cm.
Metal distributors must be installed on the metal deck used as loading or concentrated loading platforms (es .: when using a transport platform).

5. Church of St. John, m. Celano (L'Aquila Province)

Loading platforms and floor

The MULTICOM system allows you to create boot platforms and floors that can be used with classic framing. The loads and sizes of loading platforms and floors may vary depending on the requirements of the construction site.
the connection with the frame structures is very simple and is done with the help of double fastening. The use of loading platforms or floors in any case should only be carried out after calculations made by a qualified engineer.

6. Loading platforms

Tower stairs

Going up and down the scaffolding hatches can sometimes be very uncomfortable. Therefore, using the MULTICOM system, it is possible to make tower stairs - side or overhead - which can be used both inside the additional MULTICOM scaffolding areas and outside of the classic frame scaffolding.
Dimensions in horizontal projection 150 x 250 cm with a staircase every 2 m; it can be mounted with basic elements up to a height of 60 m. Ladders with aluminum frame have a width of 61.2 cm; ergonomic handrails follow the inclination of the stairway, as do the internal handrails on the march.
The use of tower stairs should only be carried out after calculations made by a qualified engineer.

7. rise of tower stairs

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