Clamp scaffolding

The pipe clamping system allows the connection of two pipes in any position at any distance, thus creating non-standard and irregular shapes where increased durability and flexibility are required.
That is why their use is especially recommended in restoration work, for the maintenance, support of walls in an emergency condition and other works of this type.
Simple and flexible to operate, they are simply necessary because they allow you to solve various problems that fixed scaffolding.
Mounting of pipe clamp requires preliminary design by a specialist, as this requires a highly skilled workforce and takes longer.

MINISTRY'S PERMIT 20164 / OM-4 OF MARCH 16, 1995
Supplemented. Prior to Ministry's approval 21572 / OM-4, JUNE 20 98

Pipe Ø 48.3mm

Made of galvanized and painted steel The thickness is 3.2 mm Weight: yesN 3.4 ml

Simple clamp

provides axial connection of two pipes Weight: yesN 1.6 / each packing: 300 pieces

Irreversible clamp

of hot forging steel, connects two pipes at right angles weight: daH 1.9 / each Packing: 500 pcs.

Non-return clamp with 4 bolts

of forged steel, connects two pipes at right angles Weight: yesN 1.8 / each Packing: 500 pcs.

Swivel clamp

made of hot forging steel, connects two pipes at any angle Weight: 2,05nH / each Packing: 400 pcs.


For directing to the axial mounting of two pressure pipes weight: Painted pin: 0.50 daN / each Galvanized pin: 0.55kN / each Packing: 100 pcs.

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