Formwork rental and scaffolding

Formwork rent

Formwork for rent is a modern way of solving many construction problems

Formwork rent

Formwork for rent is a modern way of solving many construction problems. Its value in modern construction is that it is very necessary when planning the construction of monolithic buildings. Many configurations and types are used to get started with formwork. CONDOR is one of the major suppliers of ADATTO vertical formwork, COMAX formwork. That is why for many years we guarantee:

Flexible rental conditions

Our company offers not only to make a detailed calculation of the formwork, but also to deliver it directly for construction. In addition, another important point here is that our company offers builders to simply return the formwork of the tenant with irregular construction, if there is no space for it.

Affordable rental prices

Individually for each client, we calculate the cost of renting formwork, which will be a very important decision for you in construction. It will be an offer you can't refuse.
& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Rental price depends on the term of its use. Multiple vertical ADATTO formwork and COMAX formwork have excellent pressure and load resistance. Only two construction workers are required to install or dismantle it. Our employees will use the computer program to make a free calculation of the formwork for the architectural project that the client needs.

Rental with the right of redemption

Formwork for monolithic flooring in modern construction is in high demand. This raises an important question: it is more profitable to rent the formwork or buy it. A large number of large construction companies, in order to save their money, decide that renting formwork for any period of time is much easier than buying and storing it. And those funds that remain, the company can invest in equipment or necessary equipment.

Rental of scaffolding

Renting scaffolding saves you money and will allow you to buy other equipment

Rental of scaffolding

Rental of scaffolding is increasingly popular because it is this equipment used for quality repair and construction work. We always guarantee that CONDOR products comply with current standards and requirements in construction technology.
& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The scaffolds supplied by our company for rent or sale are designed to meet the different quality requirements and loads of this type of equipment. We always have a large selection of facade decorations at a price and quality.

The main advantages of scaffolding:

Renting scaffolding saves you money and will allow you to buy other equipment to perform important construction work. Our company offers scaffolding at affordable prices, with favorable conditions.

If you rent scaffolding, you do not waste time and space for their repair, storage. As they relate to dimensional equipment.

You can rent frames, wedges or clamps for the term you want.

The rental price will depend on the amount of scaffolding and the lease term. Scoring equipment and price for customers are calculated individually. For regular customers or large construction companies we offer a discount system


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